Charles & Colvard is committed to supporting its distribution partners and providing today's consumers with the most accurate information about Charles & Colvard moissanite. To do so, we work closely with our authorized distributors and retailers to ensure the best and most consistent Charles & Colvard experience across all retail channels.

Authorized distributors are listed as such on our website as a resource for retailers interested in selling Charles & Colvard moissanite. Approved distributors are provided an official Authorized Distributor seal to identify them as our preferred partners.

Authorized retailers are listed in the “Where To Buy” section of our website and given an official Authorized Retailer seal that clearly distinguishes them from other moissanite sellers. These badges of honor are earned by meeting certain requirements and by following our authorized partner guidelines.

To apply for authorized distributor and/or retailer status and to be listed on the Charles & Colvard website, you must register for these programs. The information you provide will be reviewed and validated by the Charles & Colvard team.